Detroit’s 1st J/70 Fleet

Detroit’s 1st J/70 Fleet

Congratulations Detroit!

The 1st J/70 Fleet has been established and is still growing!

17 Hulls & Counting! Boat owners include: Chuck Bayer, Chris Saxton, Mike Welch, Bill Williams, Kevin Morin, Don Glover, Bob Pethick, Thomas Ritter, Mike Kirkman, Dennis Dettmer, Dan Klassen, Jason Deisz, Jerry Jung & More

This modernĀ one design is perfect for fun in numbers on Lake Huron.
Grosse Pointe Yacht Club has established a racing program with clinics on Tuesday and racing on Thursdays.

Special Pricing for Spring Delivery ends January 29th at 3:00pm
Give us a call at (810) 622 -9651 for more information


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