DIY Upgrading Your Boat’s Trailer

Gas Prices are more affordable than they have been in years, so a road trip with the boat is a popular weekend or vacation outing. Owning a trailerable vessel is about the most affordable way onto the water. This season, lots of families will be towing their trailerboats while cruising the Interstate. Some of the [...]

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Install a Fuel Monitor

Boost economy and peace of mind with a fuel monitor. Many newer marine engines let you monitor fuel consumption electronically so you can optimize fuel efficiency. Yet many older motors don’t offer this. If you have an old-school motor, don’t despair. You can add fuel monitors with electromechanical flow sensors on most boats, thanks to [...]

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Perfection by Interlux versus EZ Poxy2 by Pettit. Eventually, a boat’s gelcoat can’t be saved by a buffer with No. 2 polishing compound. Crazing cracks spread too far, and the base coat bleeds through the color coat. It’s time to paint. Remember, you’ve got that crazy do-it-yourself gene too. Two topsides paints are marketed to [...]

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Winter Battery Care

How to properly prepare your battery for longterm storage. Man’s best friend is his dog, right? If he’s trying to crank up a pair of engines, boating man’s best friends are his batteries. Unfortunately, batteries often get treated more like stray cats than favored family pets. One reason for this is that many boat batteries [...]

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Winter Tarp Tactics

Use these techniques to make sure your tarp stays in place during winter storage. By Lenny Rudow 1) Sharp Thinking Sharp edges, corners and protrusions wear holes through tarps in no time flat. Prevent this problem by covering those sharp edges with strips of old carpet remnants or rags, and use duct tape to secure [...]

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Should You Shrinkwrap Your Own Boat?

You or the yard: The best choice for shrink-wrapping your boat. By Pete McDonald The season is just about over and it’s time to put the old girl to bed for the winter. Encasing your boat in shrink-wrap is a great way to protect it from harsh elements and keep it clean. But is it [...]

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How To Block A Boat

Tips to safely block up a boat for storage. By Kevin Falvey Whether you do it yourself or not, it’s essential for you to know the proper way to block up a boat for storage. Placing a boat on blocks can be dangerous to you and damaging to the boat, if done wrong. If you [...]

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DON’T Do It Yourself!

As we get ready for the off season our "To Do" lists for our boats are starting to take shape. Most people are getting into the DIY repairs but how are is too far? When should we put down the tools and break out the wallet when it comes to our boats? Check out this [...]

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