What do I do About Bottom Paint?

What do I do about Bottom Paint? Trying to become more earth friendly is nothing terribly new. Many different sports that interact and even depend on the outdoors have changed the ways they impact the environment. For instance, in the 1970s lead shot was eliminated from shotgun shells used in conjunction with duck hunting. Boat [...]

2016 Boating New Years Resolutions

10 Boating Resolutions for 2016 Spend an extra night on the boat. You don’t even have to leave the dock.  Just relax. Clean out the engine compartment. Come on, you know it’s needed. Upgrade the entertainment system. Aren’t you tired of that Craig 8 track and your Bay City Rollers Collection? Add a piece of safety equipment. [...]

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Boating Myths Busted 1-10

We bust 20 of the most common boating myths! Check out full article here Myth: Lakes don’t exhibit very rough seas. The very fact that lakes aren’t vast and limitless is what can make them treacherous. Shallower than the oceans, lakes have waves that are steeper and closer together for any given amount of wind. [...]

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End of Season Prep

How to Add Hatch Seals Keep the bilge and lockers dry with new weather seals. By Jim Hendricks   Boat interiors can get wet from spray and also when you wash down. Keeping that water from draining into the bilge and lockers requires hatches that are watertight. Most new boats today feature foam-­rubber-­like gaskets that, [...]

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Courtesy When Encountering Other Vessels

Brought to you by Jumping the wake of a passing boat, or riding too close to another PWC or boat, creates risks and is restricted or even prohibited in some states. The vessel making the wake may block the PWC operator's view of oncoming traffic and also conceal the PWC operator from approaching vessels. [...]

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Boating Basics: Weather Emergencies

Brought to you by Weather can change very rapidly and create unexpected situations for boat operators. Even meteorologists have trouble predicting rapid weather changes. You should always monitor weather developments. One way is to tune a VHF radio to the frequencies listed below. You should always monitor weather developments. What To Do If Caught [...]

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New Advances in Personal Rescue Beacons

Non-emergency communication with personal satellite transmitters augments essential SOS functions. By Glenn Law “Because it is a communicator, people take it along and use it, whereas with a personal locator beacon, the owner may never have to use it,” says Rich Galasso, Southeast distribution manager for SPOT. “Our customers use it all the time with [...]

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Navigating at Night

The night is alluring, especially with the right gear and crew. By Jim Hendricks, Photography by Grafton Marshall Smith Darkness creeps across the water as the glow of the sun fades below the western horizon. It is night. For some, it’s a time of high anxiety when running a boat. Humans are visual. When the [...]

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Evaluating the Quality of Your Cleats

What to look for when examining existing cleats or installing new ones. Adding cleats to your boat? Assessing the quality of cleat installation aboard a boat you’re considering for purchase? Here’s what to look for. 1. Fastening Cleats should always be through-bolted with locknuts and washers. Though screws are nearly as tough on axial loads, [...]

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