Detroit’s 1st J/70 Fleet

Congratulations Detroit! The 1st J/70 Fleet has been established and is still growing! 17 Hulls & Counting! Boat owners include: Chuck Bayer, Chris Saxton, Mike Welch, Bill Williams, Kevin Morin, Don Glover, Bob Pethick, Thomas Ritter, Mike Kirkman, Dennis Dettmer, Dan Klassen, Jason Deisz, Jerry Jung & More This modern one design is perfect for fun [...]

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J/70 World Championship

March 12, 2012 became a historic day for the J-Boats company. The 1st J/70 hull # 1 made her debut on the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island on a unseasonably warm day.  Eight days later hull #2 made her way into the water and they spent the week in sail trials. "Now, there are 350 [...]

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What Are We Waiting For?

Southeast Michigan has traditionally been a very conservative market in most respects.  With a vast network of professionals in automotive related fields our highways and interstates are filled with domestic cars and trucks that were often built close to home.  This conservative buying philosophy is also reflected in the boats in southeast Michigan.  Most of [...]

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