History of Bayfield Boat Yard Ltd.

All About The Bayfields For 18 years the Bayfield Boat Yard, located in south-eastern Lake Huron, manufactured renowned long keeled cruising boats. Starting up in 1970 most boat builders were developing fin-keeled racer/cruisers, so when Bayfield debuted its first boats the Bayfield 23 and the Bayfield 30 in 1973, they definitely turned more than a [...]

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Bayview Mackinac Race This Weekend!

Time To Set Sail! This weekend boaters and fans will gather for what has been reported as the longest consecutively held freshwater race. It all started one afternoon during a regatta party for the 4th of July in Port Huron.  Port Huron Yacht Club's Commodore Henry Clough and fellow sailors Ed Kierfer, Joe Gannon and Russ [...]

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