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J/120 For Sale

Hull #152 'Irresistible Too' Sold August 2016 A smooth and stable ride with award winning performance that earned her the distinction of being Cruising World magazine's Overall Boat of the Year and Best Value in a full sized cruising [...]

Welcome Aboard Steve !

We are excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Port Sanilac Marina Crew, Steve Bayless! Joining the team as a Yacht Broker, Steve brings more than 30 years of sales experience and a love of sailing with him to Port Sanilac. Steve hails from Port Huron and has been sailing since 2008. He and his [...]

Holiday Closing Schedule

The boats are out and tucked in for the winter and the snow is starting to fall. The holidays are upon us and we're off to spend time with our families! Don't worry, we'll be posting updates when we're off to keep you up to date on the sailing adventures and boat show information of [...]

Paddle Relay 2015

  A Collective Experience Creating a Unique Story Celebrating a Spectacular Coastline Raising Money For Great Causes JUNE THRU AUGUST 2015 We are very excited to announce that in August Port Sanilac will be a stop for this awesome fundraiser! Check out what they do and where they are going and make sure to keep [...]

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Winter Tarp Tactics

Use these techniques to make sure your tarp stays in place during winter storage. By Lenny Rudow 1) Sharp Thinking Sharp edges, corners and protrusions wear holes through tarps in no time flat. Prevent this problem by covering those sharp edges with strips of old carpet remnants or rags, and use duct tape to secure [...]

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Marine Electronics

Follow these marine communications guidelines to avoid breaking the law. By Ken Englert  Every activity has its rules, and boating is not exempt. Here are some legal requirements concerning use of marine electronics, some of which might surprise even veteran captains. VHF Radio Law •Communicate only on channels authorized for recreational boating use. See the [...]

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History of Bayfield Boat Yard Ltd.

All About The Bayfields For 18 years the Bayfield Boat Yard, located in south-eastern Lake Huron, manufactured renowned long keeled cruising boats. Starting up in 1970 most boat builders were developing fin-keeled racer/cruisers, so when Bayfield debuted its first boats the Bayfield 23 and the Bayfield 30 in 1973, they definitely turned more than a [...]

Should You Shrinkwrap Your Own Boat?

You or the yard: The best choice for shrink-wrapping your boat. By Pete McDonald The season is just about over and it’s time to put the old girl to bed for the winter. Encasing your boat in shrink-wrap is a great way to protect it from harsh elements and keep it clean. But is it [...]

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Fishing in Michigan

Michigan offers some fantastic fishing during the fall months – particularly for salmon and steelhead. In fact, now can be the perfect time to target them, if you know where to go and what techniques to use. Atlantic Salmon Fishing for Atlantic salmon is huge on the St. Marys River; in fact this spot is [...]