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Boating Myths Busted 1-10

We bust 20 of the most common boating myths! Check out full article here Myth: Lakes don’t exhibit very rough seas. The very fact that lakes aren’t vast and limitless is what can make them treacherous. Shallower than the oceans, lakes have waves that are steeper and closer together for any given amount of wind. [...]

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Boating Basics: Weather Emergencies

Brought to you by Weather can change very rapidly and create unexpected situations for boat operators. Even meteorologists have trouble predicting rapid weather changes. You should always monitor weather developments. One way is to tune a VHF radio to the frequencies listed below. You should always monitor weather developments. What To Do If Caught [...]

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Paddle vs. Prop: Three Safety Tips for Stand Up Paddlers When Boats are Around

NEWS From BoatUS Boat Owners Association of The United States 880 S. Pickett St., Alexandria, VA 22304 Read this press release online at: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: D. Scott Croft, 703-461-2864, Photo Available at: Photo Caption: Using a stand up paddleboard in a congested harbor requires an increased focus on safety. [...]

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The best way to get found is with EPIRBs and PLBs. Rescue and retail have three things in common: location, location, location. Your odds in an emergency go up exponentially if authorities know your exact position. Two choices for signaling include an EPIRB (emergency position-indicating radio beacon) or a PLB (personal locator beacon). Here is [...]

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