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What kind of sailboat should I buy?

A letter from a Broker, That’s a good question. It’s similar to “What mattress should I buy?”. It would be nice if the answer was as simple as the question. The fact is, there are many answers. Firm, double, king? Daysailer, Cruiser, Racer? So many options and even more personal preferences. Don’t worry about finding [...]

J/70 World Championship

March 12, 2012 became a historic day for the J-Boats company. The 1st J/70 hull # 1 made her debut on the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island on a unseasonably warm day.  Eight days later hull #2 made her way into the water and they spent the week in sail trials. "Now, there are 350 [...]

Prep for Winter Series 1

Fall is fast approaching and with it the sad day that you haul out your boat and pack her away for the winter.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind before that last day on the water which will help your boat fair well over the cold winter months. One of the [...]

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