7. Watch Your Speed
Minimal throttle, simply idling in gear, is the best speed for virtually every docking situation.

8. Stepping Up
A dock hand will often step up onto a tied line, holding onto the boat for balance, and use the weight of her body to bring the boat in closer.

9. Controlled Docking
The secret to “parallel parking” in a tight space is in knowing how to use the spring cleat properly.

10. Toss a Line
With a coil in each hand, step into a sidearm throwing motion, releasing when the coils are about shoulder high.

11. Hung Up
Your boat can’t just be tied tight. You have to allow for the rise and fall of the water lest the boat be left hanging by its lines at low tide or pulled under by its lines at high tide.


12. Make Small Steering and Throttle Corrections
Use just enough throttle to move forward slowly, and if you need to shift to one side or the other, use small steering adjustments and wait for them to take effect before feeding in more.