2014 Hobie kayaks now in stock at Port Sanilac Marina. Hobie kayaks are known for their mirage drive propulsion system. This technology has been on the market for more than a decade yet continues to impress kayakers. The mirage drive allows the kayaker to travel at about 4kts comfortably. If you were to travel that fast in a traditional kayak you would be paddling as fast as you could and would not be able to maintain the speed. When peddling the mirage drive the kayaker is using leg muscles which are stronger and can generally handle longer periods of activity. Therefore, Hobie kayakers travel farther faster!
Originally designed for anglers, peddling instead of paddling lets kayakers move through the water with their hands free, to fish, take photos, sip a beverage, whatever you want to do! Modeled after penguins’ fins, the mirage drive fins travel perpendicular to the boat, thereby propelling it forward. And that’s not all! Hobie has designed these kayaks down to a tee. The mirage drive may be the most innovative technology but the there are many more awesome advantages to these boats! The rudder system is fantastic it goes up and down with the pull of a line, plus all of the boats come with built in paddle retainers, cup holders, and great padded seats.
Port Sanilac Marina will have 12 different models on display at our annual open house Saturday, April 12th, 2014. Please join us! All are welcome – RSVP to sarah@portsanilacmarina.com to receive a discount to both the PSM ship’s store and Uri’s Landing!