sailing10 Boating Resolutions for 2016

  • Spend an extra night on the boat. You don’t even have to leave the dock.  Just relax.
  • Clean out the engine compartment. Come on, you know it’s needed.
  • Upgrade the entertainment system. Aren’t you tired of that Craig 8 track and your Bay City Rollers Collection?
  • Add a piece of safety equipment. Dock lines, Safety Tether, personal strobe.
  • Add a piece of comfort equipment. Pillows, Cockpit cushions, drink holders.
  • Paint the bilge. Yes, really.
  • Invite a new person aboard. Share the water.
  • Be extra courteous to a fellow boater. Can’t we all get along?
  • Fix that brightwork. No need to be for a big complicated project just give it some TLC.
  • Track down the Gremlin. No, not the car. It can be electrical, a stubborn leak, an annoying squeak, your bilge blower motor that sounds like a chain saw, etc.

Make a short list of projects to tackle each year for preventative maintenance and so projects don’t snowball and become overwhelming.  And make a point to enjoy the boat even if it is just at the dock – you deserve it!

Enjoy the new year!

Written by: Steve Bayless
Yacht Broker
Port Sanilac Marina
(810) 622 -9651