Time To Set Sail!


This weekend boaters and fans will gather for what has been reported as the longest consecutively held freshwater race. It all started one afternoon during a regatta party for the 4th of July in Port Huron.  Port Huron Yacht Club’s Commodore Henry Clough and fellow sailors Ed Kierfer, Joe Gannon and Russ Pouliot hatched a plan for a race from Port Huron to Mackinac and on a dreary July 25th in 1925 12 yachts started on the first annual race. Little did they know a terrible storm made its way into their path which eliminated half of the fleet.


The First Port Huron to Mackinac Race

50 hours and 50 minutes after the start Bernida a Class A – Universal Sloop crossed the line to to win the long race and her class. 90 hours and 33 minutes after the start the Suez a Class C – 48 foot yawl crossed the line the winner in her class for Yawls & Schooners. Many of the fleet were reported to have been seen back at the finish line after the squall and some had to put into port at Harbor Beach and East Tawas. Click Here For More Information


Credits to Burgee Issue: Summer 1992

Today we have eighty nine years  of adventure, tragedy and  victory.  One great story comes from the 1930 victor Trident sailed by Captain Alger Shelden and crew Warren Booth, Cleve Thurber, Lynn Pierson, Frazier Whitehead, Neal McMath, Paul Maxon, Andrew Arnesen, Vaugh Smith and Bud Gibson. Click Here For More Information

In 2009 our own Hunter 49 the Saralysia made her debut in her first Bayview  Mackinac race and took 3rd place in her class. In the coming years she has taken 4th, 5th and 9th place in her class and continues to conquer on the water in various races.

As you gear up for the weekend check out these awesome stories of past races and remember to take pictures and write your stories down. You never know when you’ll be making history.

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