The Chicago to Mackinac is one of the oldest freshwater races and is typically held within a week before or after the Bayview Mackinac race which is the oldest consecutive freshwater race. This year 317 racers participated having more than 2,500 crew members!

Light winds forced most of the fleet to stay close to shore. Some chose to hug the Wisconsin shoreline where there were more favorable winds predicted while others stayed close to Michigan’s shores for a shorter distance. Later on in the day the winds started to increase and the fastest boats arrived at the Island on Sunday.

The crowd favorite Windquest owned by Doug & Dick DeVos crossed the finish line on Sunday and was the first to finish in the Racing Division securing the Royono Trophy with an elapsed time of 32:15:50 making this their 8th Royono Trophy. After corrections they took 7th /9 for the Turbo / Mackinac Cup Division.

Winners of the 2014 Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac:

Chicago-Mackinac Trophy: Providence, owned by Jerry & Greg Miarecki with a corrected time of 41:35:28. Making this their third consecutive win! Providence is a Ericson 35 MK II

Mackinac Cup: To the Moon, owned by Robert Berg with a corrected time of 42:11:45. To the Moon is a Swan 42

Doublehanded Division: SeaCan owned by Andraz Mihelin wit  corrected time of 43:57:34. SeaCan is a Seascape 27 from Slovenia.

Multihull Division: Caliente owned by Michael Steck with a corrected time of 44:20:58. Caliente is a Cris White 44.

Overall Honors 41 Boat Cruising Division: Hope owned by Dr. Michael Leland with a corrected time of 40:35:57. Hope is a Najad 332.

Ile Aux Galets Cup: Infinite Diversion owned by Chicago Yacht Club Past Commodore Joseph S. Haas with a corrected time of 42:44:51. Infinite Diversion is a Hanse 630e.

Royono Trophy: Windquest owned by Dick & Doug DeVos with a elased time of 32:15:50 making this their 8th Royono Trophy. Windquest is a Max Z86.

Results Provided By: Chicago Yacht Club

Photos by Michele and Steve Alemeida, MISTE Photography.

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