Nothing compares to the exquisite happiness that sailboat racing can give you. Racing offers you an unmatched range of mental and physical challenges while taking you to places you’ve never been.

No Boat? No Crew? No Experience? No Problem!

Owners are always looking for crew members just as crew are always seeking a new owner to join up with. As long as you never over sell your experience level and are open to learning you’ll do great. Typically, if a owner is seeking crew that they don’t have a prior relationship with then they’re open to teach you if you take the time to learn. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there – we hear stories all the time of owners meeting new crew or vise versa in the craziest spots.

Here are 5 ways to start racing from John Burnham, Sail Magazine

  1. Connect With Your Local Racing Groups
    1. There are over 40 regional sailing associations – find yours and make some new friends! Click Here for American Sailing Associations Sail Associations by State
  2. Add Your Name To Crew Wanted Lists
    1. Visit your local yacht clubs and again make some friends! This will allow you to scope them out and pick the right club for you.
  3. Join That Yacht Club You Just Found And Love!
  4. Walk The Docks On Race Day
    1. This is by far the easiest and hardest for people to do. We’ve seen everything from sign holding, vocal chants and t-shirts displaying that people are willing to crew at the last minute on race days. Have an adventure and get out there!
    2. Rule of thumb – make sure you’re following the rules and being polite!
    3. Leave your number – we see owners come up late looking for crew members but they’ve already left.
  5. Go To A Racing School
    1. If you’re the type of person who needs that solid foundation before heading out on the water then a racing school is for you. You learn all the fundamentals and get hands on experience and most schools even have a mini-regatta at the end!

So put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and ask questions. No race is perfect and asking questions is the best way to avoid those mistakes in the first place!

Good Luck & Happy Racing!