Installing a Boarding Ladder

If your crew likes to go in the water for wake sports, diving or just for a swim, a boarding ladder is a must-have item. There’s also the safety factor: Take a spill overboard, and a boarding ladder can be a godsend that fulfills the ABYC standard for a “means of solo reboarding.” One of [...]

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The best way to get found is with EPIRBs and PLBs. Rescue and retail have three things in common: location, location, location. Your odds in an emergency go up exponentially if authorities know your exact position. Two choices for signaling include an EPIRB (emergency position-indicating radio beacon) or a PLB (personal locator beacon). Here is [...]

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Perfection by Interlux versus EZ Poxy2 by Pettit. Eventually, a boat’s gelcoat can’t be saved by a buffer with No. 2 polishing compound. Crazing cracks spread too far, and the base coat bleeds through the color coat. It’s time to paint. Remember, you’ve got that crazy do-it-yourself gene too. Two topsides paints are marketed to [...]

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7. Watch Your Speed Minimal throttle, simply idling in gear, is the best speed for virtually every docking situation. 8. Stepping Up A dock hand will often step up onto a tied line, holding onto the boat for balance, and use the weight of her body to bring the boat in closer. 9. Controlled Docking The secret to [...]

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Winter Battery Care

How to properly prepare your battery for longterm storage. Man’s best friend is his dog, right? If he’s trying to crank up a pair of engines, boating man’s best friends are his batteries. Unfortunately, batteries often get treated more like stray cats than favored family pets. One reason for this is that many boat batteries [...]

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