Boating Myths Busted 1-10

We bust 20 of the most common boating myths! Check out full article here Myth: Lakes don’t exhibit very rough seas. The very fact that lakes aren’t vast and limitless is what can make them treacherous. Shallower than the oceans, lakes have waves that are steeper and closer together for any given amount of wind. [...]

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Winter Tarp Tactics

Use these techniques to make sure your tarp stays in place during winter storage. By Lenny Rudow 1) Sharp Thinking Sharp edges, corners and protrusions wear holes through tarps in no time flat. Prevent this problem by covering those sharp edges with strips of old carpet remnants or rags, and use duct tape to secure [...]

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To Sail or To Power or To Both? That is the question.

Can't decide if you want an afternoon filled with smooth sailing or an adventurous day of tubing, water skiing and wake boarding? Not a problem if you are one of the many starting to opt for a sailing hybrid which is the best of both worlds. Now we know of course that they are not [...]