How did National Marina Day begin?

In February of 2001, AMI’s Board of Directors, sensing a need to burnish the marina industry’s already positive image, approved the creation of a national grassroots, public education initiative called National Marina Day.

In the summer of 2001, AMI officially proclaimed the second Saturday of August (this has sincechanged to June) as National Marina Day. Shortly afterward, a diverse committee of marina operators around the country, under the direction of AMI Vice President Mildred Walker of Lynn Creek Marina in Grand Prairie, TX, began planning for the first-ever observance of this important industry event.

Since this first event, National Marina Day has continued to grow and evolve into a day of celebrating marinas and the role they play in our communities and in our country’s recreation. The variety of events held expands each year with the creativity of the marina operators who participate.

Now in its fourteenth year, National Marina Day is going a step further through its partnership with Discover Boating to bring you Welcome to the Water on National Marina Day–a day to unite the marine industry to grow boating and celebrate on-the-water recreation.


Vision:   Marine industry stakeholders (marinas, dealers, manufacturers, boater education organizations), working in unison, plan and conduct a series of nationwide events on National Marina Day that promote boating and the boating lifestyle and serve to grow boat ownership and increase participation in boating activities

Objective:   Use collaborative, cross marketing events as a common tool to promote the business of boating and ultimately help stakeholder participants achieve their own, individual business objectives

Goal:    Provide on water experiences and landside activities through events that:

  • Introduce the benefits and fun of boating to a new audience with little or no boating experience
  • Create new prospects for boats, accessories and related equipment and services and shorten the decision time frame for those already in the funnel
  • Re-energizes existing boaters’ enthusiasm for boating and creates a desire to move up in size or class and or add new accessories and equipment
  • Motivates lapsed boaters to reconsider their decision to leave and encourages them to get involved once again in some form (ownership, charter, club, rental)
Port Sanilac Marina 
National Marina Day
June 13th 1:00 – 3:00 PM
Come out and demo kayaks, take a walk around the marina, visit our ships store and enjoy complimentary snacks.