Sold Boats

Information gathered from 2/3/2016

Boats are starting to come out of hibernation and owners are looking to sell.

Why is February – June the best time to list your boat? Owners are starting to pull boats out of storage and plan for the summer. There are times when some owners will remove their listing when the season gets started, so they don’t have to work around viewings. It is not ideal for the selling process but summer fun is more important!

The process of purchasing a boat can take months depending on relocation, negotiation, and survey results. Listing in February gives you the leg up by being fresh on the market just in time for buyers to start thinking of their summer plans.  As Spring is ending and there are less boats on the market it gives the buyer a sense of urgency, nobody wants to be left on land.

So how about July –  September? No one wants to sell during the season, but what you will find is a large amount of new boat sales. The season is ending, dealers still have in stock floor models and are more willing to strike the deal. Trade in and enjoy your new boat for the rest of the season!

Buying or Selling – make a friend with a Broker. Brokers have an inside view of what’s  the out there, how to market your boat correctly, and have an established base of clientele. Let someone else worry about listing the boat in the right places, dealing with keel kickers, and purchase contracts.

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Information gather from 2/3/2016