J/70 Speedster- The NextGen Family Trailer Sailor


Easy to trailer and ramp launch.

The J/70 Speedster (22.75 feet) is J/Boats’ first ramp-launchable keelboat – designed to fulfill the growing need for an easy-to-own, high performance one-design that is exciting to sail, stable enough sailboat for the family, and built to last. With fleet discussions underway around the world, J/70 is on-track to take the world by storm.

Everyone can relax and enjoy.

Creature comforts come in many forms on the J/70. The 11′ long cockpit and moderate height boom allow easy crew movement across the cockpit while tacking and jibing. For sitting and hiking comfort, mid-height padded backrests/lifelines run cockpit length, making J/70 one of the most comfortable boats to helm without having to rely on hiking straps to keep you in the boat.

The small cabin below is a bonus, and provides weather protection, a place to nap and personal privacy… essential to keeping everyone happy if spending a day on the water. And, for children safety is paramount.

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J/70 One-Design Class
The J/70 one-design class rules provide for a 2.5 hp outboard engine (gas or electric). This means one can sail further away from homeport without worrying about paddling home or hailing for a tow. Race Committees can start races on time and finish them later in the day without having to arrange towboats

Since its introduction in March 2012, the J/70 has quickly established itself worldwide with 900+ boats sailing in 20+ countries in 2015.  So, far over a dozen fleets have developed in the USA and over a dozen countries in Europe have one-design fleets.  In addition, fleets are developing in South America (Chile, Brazil & Argentina) and the Pacific Rim (China and Australia).

Dimensions    ft/lb
LOA    22.75
LWL    20.47
Beam    7.38
Standard Draft    4.75
Standard Ballast    630
Displacement    1,750
Engine    outboard
100% SA    226
I    26.77
ISP    30.15
J    7.68
P    26.16
E    9.44
SA/Dspl    25
Dspl/L    91

Hull & Deck Construction

Spars & Rigging
 Southern Spars carbon fiber mast with single swept carbon spreaders, carbon masthead crane and mainsail luff track. Easy to raise and lower with deck step design and tabernacle system. Mast finished in satin black with contrasting white bands.
 Carbon fiber boom with internal 4:1 outhaul, mainsheet attachment point, outhaul and single reef sheaves as well as provision for reef cleat and block at inboard end. Finished in satin black with contrasting white bands.
 Carbon bow sprit with tack ferrule fitting, painted black finish and seal system mounted at sprit housing.
 1 x 19 wire standing rigging with adjustable open body turnbuckles for shrouds.
 1 backstay flicker and 10” Windex, shipped loose.
 Double ended boom vang system.
 Running Rigging Package to include:
 Main, jib & spinnaker halyards
 Main sheet, spinnaker sheets, jib sheets
 Tack line, sprit control line
 Vang control line
 Traveler control lines
 Cunningham

 J/70 hull laminated with biaxial and unidirectional Eglass fabrics and balsa core for rugged durability. Deck molded with similar glass fabrics and Corecell foam core. High density core material and additional glass reinforcements are placed in way of highly loaded hardware. All laminates are engineered and built to required ISO structural standards.
 Molded internal bulkheads and ring frames with gelcoat finish, bonded to the hull and/or deck.
 Molded lift-keel structure jigged, aligned and integrally molded during primary hull layup.
 High strength, inward turning and overlapping hull to deck joint bonded with structural adhesive.
 Molded non-skid on horizontal deck surfaces.
 4.75’ draft lifting keel with lead ballast featuring an internal leading-edge kelp cutting mechanism operable from the cockpit while underway, SS lock down plate and a single point lifting ring w/2:1 aluminum keel crane lift system.
 (2) Harken investment cast diamond boat lift padeyes installed adjacent to keel P&S.
 High aspect transom mounted molded rudder.
 Lightweight aluminum outboard bracket mounted to transom.

 Large self-draining cockpit with molded foot braces on centerline.
 Molded companionway cover both hinged & removable with lockable drop board.
 Molded foredeck toe-rails P & S.
 SS custom fabricated chain plates for shrouds and backstay terminations.
 Interior ventilation hatch mounted on cabin house forward of mast.
 (2) Harken SnubbAir low profile primary winches with cam cleats.
 Two Ronstan black anodized jib T tracks with cars to accommodate 2:1 jib sheet terminations.
 Two sets of Harken cam cleats on side deck for direct cleating the jib sheet to leeward or windward.
 5:1 Harken mainsheet system leading to ratchet block and cam mounted on centerline swivel base.
 Adjustable mainsheet traveler with 2:1 control line and cam cleats P & S.
 Double ended backstay adjuster purchase system leading forward to P & S cam cleats.
 Internal bowsprit launching system to exit aft face of the cabin house to cam cleat.
 Harken Small Boat Underdeck headsail furling system with hoistable swivel and control line exiting aft face of cabin house to cam cleat.
 Tack line cam cleat mounted to starboard on cabin.
 Composite tiller with Ronstan tiller extension.
 (4) Spinnaker sheet blocks with (2) outboard of primary winches and (2) aft.
 (2) halyard lead blocks mounted at mast base.
 Four low height SS stanchions and two reinforced SS stern rails at transom corners.
 12” SS safety lines surrounding the cockpit with comfort pads and termination points on deck edge forward of shrouds.
 Transom lifeline gate with quick release.
 Foredeck U-bolt for mooring/dockline attachment.

 Air dry gelcoat finish on hull & deck surfaces
 Bench style molded seats P & S.
 Bin storage aft of seats.
 Molded liner platform with inspection port.
 Molded cockpit support bulkhead with inspection port.
 Anodized aluminum compression post to transfer mast step loads to internal hull structure.
 Molded entry step.

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