Do you have Tow Boat Insurance? If not, should you?

So you have your brand spanking new dream boat  on the water for a weekend full of fun!  You know your covered if anything should happen to the boat but what happens when you’re out on the water and you run out of gas or something malfunctions and you need a tow? Does your boat insurance cover you then? Anyone who has had to tow will tell you it is something that can add up pretty quick.

Not only can tow boat insurance cover you on fuel shortages but there multiple options for coverage. Check out what Tow Boat US has to offer:

  1. 600 TowBoatUS and VESSEL ASSIST towboats servicing over 300 ports
    1. Including Port Sanilac Marina!!
  2. Boat US 24 Hour Dispatch Service
  3. Water Towing and Soft Ungrounding
  4. West Marine Rewards
  5. The most affordable fresh and saltwater Unlimited Service Levels
  6. Fuel delivery and Jump Starts
  7. On the Road Assistance
  8. Local Boating Discounts



Check out their Prices & Plans


Here at Port Sanilac Marina we think having this type of insurance is a definite must. So much so that we pay to cover our dockage customers and pay for the first year on new boat purchases.

You can never have too many safe guards, especially with your boat. So come in and we can help you pick the best plan for you. Until then safe boating!