Beach chairs along the shoreline of Lake Huron, February 2014

You may have heard of the many comments about beautiful blue Lake Huron. The grand days of summer boating on the Blue Lake Huron. Or discovering the Blue in the miles of sandy beaches. Possibly the timeless feel of the sun rising on the eastern shore of Michigan’s Blue Lake Huron.

However there is a whole different color to the Lake this time of year! With 2014 bringing back the old days of winter, with it comes a frozen snow covered Lake Huron. The beach is covered in white from the ice and snow.  This gives one an opportunity to experience the other side of “Blue”

Starting from the Port Sanilac public boat launch, one can snow shoe, cross country ski or trek the frozen white sand. The vistas are spectacular! Huge mounds of ice formed from the crashing waves to endless view white of the horizon gives a sense of solitude. An occasional fox or snowy owl might be seen.

It is hard to imagine that in six short weeks white will turn back to blue.