No matter how long you have been boating, whether it be a week or for most of your life, you can guarantee that you will learn something new by attending a boat show. Boat shows offer unique exposure to boating activities that you never knew existed.

There are often volunteer groups and nonprofit organizations come to the boat shows and offer free educational programs on the basics of boating. Many of these are hands on seminars to ensure you are comfortable around the boat. Helpful demonstrations on things like docking in close quarters, right of way on the water, and navigating without electronics are some examples. Even the experienced boater can benefit from refresher courses.

Looking for a new boat? There is no better place to check out multiple manufacturers and really decide what size best suits your boating adventures. Having the opportunity to feel the upholstery, sit in the zfbccaptain’s seat and pick a color scheme really makes the process of finding your boat a memorable one.

One of the best perks of attending a boat show are the deals! Manufacturers are there to compete for your business and when you shop around and learn what the best options are for your family, you’ll know how to negotiate a fair price.

Family Time! Boat shows are a great way to get the family interested in boating. Not only do they get to see all the different types of boats but shows typically have kid friendlydfB exhibits. Kids will have a blast picking up free samples, watching demonstrations and spending time in the play areas that keep them entertained while you look around. Studies show that families who boat together have fun and are more likely to work together as a team.

Even for the adults, just attending a boat show can make you feel like a kid again. Feel the adrenaline in anticipation of a great season on the water! So if you’re new to boating go and check out all the options you have and start planning your next adventure. If you’re a seasoned boater, then go to brush up on your boating knowledge and dream of something bigger and faster!

Looking for something local?

Join us April 16th 10:00 am  – 5:00 pm for our annual Open House.  All of our new boats will be on display and you will be able to look around the facility and meet all of the staff.  There will be competitive price on our latest models from Marlow-Hunter, Catalina Yachts, J Boats, and Hobie Kayaks in addition to great deals on launch supplies, apparel, and nautical décor.

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