Its a question thats asked quite often, in almost any industry. It has a shockingly simple answer: You have to know where the deals are and when they become available. If you dont know when its available, and you dont know where, you miss the opportunity. In furniture, in boats, in widgets, it pays to keep your ear to the ground. money boatWe all know that one guy who continues to get the unheard of special buy on this item or that.We all know that one guy who seems to get the latest and greatest for pennies on the dollar

Some try to get the item away from them, even jokingly, for just over what they paid. Thing is, they know what they got, and what its worth. Everyone else looks at that person and thinks, Why cant I find a deal like that?.

Right now, there are boats for sale that are not listed anywhere. Those the owner wants to sell to get another boat or to get out of boating. Those that arent listed because the owner has toyed with the idea, but only mentioned it in passing. Those that are waiting for someone to walk up to them and offer them enough before they sell. Those that dont know they want to sell, but have a boat that will sell if the buyer can find it. Those that have another boat they want, but need to sell to upgrade. That happened to me. I wanted to upgrade, but had to sell my other boat first. I didnt want a fleet. I was lucky enough to find a buyer and a seller all at the same time. How many folks do you know that have had have 2 boats? I know at least 3 sets of folks without even trying too hard. There are those that are listing in a format that limits exposure, perhaps in one or more free forums, like a club classified or Craigslist. Only a few folks ever see them, and only if they are looking for that boat in that area. All of these can lead to people waiting for weeks, months or even years to buy or sell a boat.

Its not easy. In fact, its downright frustrating to even try get in on the best deals. Many of them are grabbed up before even seeing the light of day in advertising or the dealsweb. I know. Ive grabbed my share of those items, and missed my share of them as well. So then the question becomes, how can anyone do this? Well, you have to have a great deal of time to scour all the print ads, the web, ask around, and visit places where boats are sold for the best prices. Thatll take a great deal of effort as well. You have to know where the gem youre looking for is, as it becomes available, and what will work for you if the ideal boat is not available. Right now youre probably thinking That doesnt help me at all. I cant spend all that time, money, and effort to find my deal.

Okay, theres another option you should consider. You need someone to find it for you. They will have to want to deal with all the work of the search. They do the legwork. That person will have to do the digging, the probing. They scour the state, country, even the world, to find that gem, which is many times hidden. It wont be free, but they do all the work. In the boating industry, they are called a Broker. They have the resources, the contacts, and the knowledge to find what you are looking for. Not sure what you want? They can help you with that too. Not certain how youll pay for it? They have funding options. Where can you dock or store it? Brokers can connect you with all areas of boating for beyond the purchase or sale of the boat.

So in the long run, retaining a broker can put the pleasure back into a pleasure boat, getting it done quicker and easier than doing it yourself. Contact a broker to find that gem that youre looking for or find someone to buy your gem. Or both. Not sure who you should use? Ask around. But, if you want a good deal and/or a fast sale it is worthwhile to have a Broker working for you.

Or you could keep the fleet. The choice is yours.

Written by: Steve Bayless
Yacht Broker
Port Sanilac Marina
(810) 622 – 9651