When folks start to look at boats, or they look at their next boat, more times than not they look at something larger. In a previous post I mentioned that 30-35 feet seems to be a sweet spot among buyers. While this remains true, there is another segment that gets overlooked. That category is boats that can be trailered. These can range from a small aluminum fishing boats to larger commercial boats.  The idea is to be able to take the boat to your destination, drop it in the water, and when you are done, get it home over land. The reasons to trailer vary. They could be lack of docking facilities, needing the boat to be available in a large geographical area, or being able to get to and from the water faster.  Some folks just like be able to drop the boat into a smaller body of water, whenever they feel like it. Others take the boat to/from different locales for tournaments/races/vacations. When I was a kid, my Dad had a 20-foot boat we would trailer to another state, so we had a boat to fish with on vacation. He also packed it with our luggage and food, to make the inside of the car roomier for all of us. The reasons are as numerous as the boats on trailers.

You can consider the boats with any cabin space to be a take-with cabin. Small accommodations, check. Every inch of space used, check. Being able to float away, check. After all is said and done, putting the boat away on wheels, check. With all the talk of “tiny homes”, we boaters have been doing this all along.

Here’s a few boats we have that are trailerable:

2007 Robert Perry Custom: fast and stable, great to single or double hand.

2007 Catalina 250: Water ballast, swing keel, large cockpit, with room to sleep up to 4

1990 Tartan 10: large cockpit, nice below deck accommodations, sleeps up to 5

2014 Crownline 236SC: Sleeps 2-3, Barely used

2007 Rinker Captiva: Open bow, Fast & Fun

2007 Open 5.7: very easy to trailer, great day sailor

2014 Marlow-Hunter 22; Large cockpit, easy to sail, sleeps 2

Written by:
Steve Bayless
Yacht Broker
Port Sanilac Marina
(810) 622 -9651