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FAQs | Port Sanilac Marina



General Information

How do I know what is available?

Availability changes day to day due to most of our docks being filled seasonally. Although those slips are not always in use and some slips do not get filled seasonally. Always call ahead and reserve your spot.

How do I reserve a slip?

You can request a slip on our Dockage & Storage tab, call 810-622-9651, or email for availability.

What is the cancellation policy?

Transient dockage is non-refundable and must be paid prior to the stay. Deposits and payment for dockage and storage vary. Contact us for information.

What is offered around the marina?

The marina is located next door to a playground, picnic gazebo, and public beach access. We are also located close to the Lighthouse, restaurants, and local small business stores.

Are there any restrictions around the marina?

Yes. We are currently in the process of being certified as a Clean Marina! This has implemented a few rules/restrictions to what can be done around the marina. If you’d like a copy of the Addendum, email Kassii or Sarah and they would be happy to send you a copy. This will state what is restricted and what the restrictions are along with some rules of what is no longer acceptable. This addendum is part of our dockage and storage contracts.

Are we allowed to have guests?

Yes – the more the merrier! All guests staying overnight must check into the front office.

New Boats

Can we order boats for you?

Yes! Port Sanilac Marina is a dealer for Beneteau, Catalina Yachts, and J-Boats.

Do you have new boats at your marina?

We do keep a few new boats in stock that are available for showing upon appointment.

Service Questions


How do you market your listings?

Our listings are posted on YachtWorld, social media, and a handful of other online boat selling pages. They are also in our weekly newsletter that goes out to a couple thousand boat owners/boat buyers. Lastly, each one is posted on our website.

How do I know what to list my boat for?

Our brokers can help establish a fair asking price through access to previously sold yacht data that is not available to the public. With the make, model, and size of your boat, they can pinpoint a great range to list your boat in. A fair asking price could be what makes the boat sell fastest!

When do boats sell?

Smaller boats sell best in the Spring because people are “impulse buying” before the warm weather comes. Larger boats actually sell best in the fall when things are winding down.

How long will it take my boat to sell?

When considering the price it’s also important to appreciate how long it takes, on average, to sell a boat. Currently this varies from around eight months for boats 26′ to 35′ to almost 12 months for a boat 46′ to 55′. For every boat that sells in a couple of months, there’s another that takes two or three years.

How do I make sure my boat is prepared to sell?

Make sure the boat is nice and clean – potential buyers want to see it in its best condition. Cleaning the inside and outside and having it smell nice and fresh is the first step to making a buyer fall in love. Second, take out any personal belongings that you can – photographs, toothbrushes, etc – because a potential buyer wants to picture the boat as their own! Additionally, make sure she is priced right. There are many different factors that go into pricing a boat, but our broker can lead you in the right direction. Lastly, we suggest getting a survey done. It is required for insurance and financing and will eventually be done with the potential buyer anyways. A survey in advance will allow you to pinpoint areas that may need to be fixed or upgraded.

Kayak Sales

What kind of kayaks do you carry?

We only carry Hobie kayaks and accessories.

How stable are the Hobies compared to others?

Hobie’s are made with stability in mind. They are actually pretty hard to tip and take on rough water well. Nearly all capsizes are from improper usage.

Do you carry tandem kayaks as well as single seated?

Yes! Hobie has an entire collection of single seated and tandem kayaks to accommodate a range of wants and needs.

What makes the Hobie different from other kayaks?

Hobie’s bioengineered MirageDrive propulsion system – an under eight-pound foot activated propulsion – sets it aside from others. Hobie takes advantage of the stronger parts of our body making kayaking easier than its ever been, making it hands-free!

What accessories are available for my kayak?

We carry a wall full of Hobie accessories including paddle and drive leashes, amas for extra support, sail kits, and much more. Anything Hobie carries that we may not have in stock is normally received in 7-10 business days.

Do I need experience?

Hobie kayaks are so easy to maneuver and learn the ins and outs. When you purchase a Hobie with Port Sanilac Marina, we show you where everything you’d need is, and also how to use/remove/insert aspects of a Hobie (such as the drive) that you might be unaware of. We are also always available for additional questions and warranty claims that may come about.