Beautiful Marina

This is a beautiful Marina located in Port Sanilac. I had fun walking to the end of the pier which was a nice distance. We also relaxed on the sand area as well. There was barely anyone there because it was low season. All boats were docked and the restaurants and park bathrooms were closed in April.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Author Name
Monica G.
Posted On
May 13, 2024

Very Impressed With All Aspects

Port Sanilac Marina was extremely helpful. Had a mechanical issue on my 38 foot sailboat while pushing the boat to Port Huron for the Mackinac Race. Moored for the evening as it was a National Holiday. The staff on hand took all of my information and said the would have the service department call me as soon as possible.....they called the next morning and by noon my boat was repaired. Was very impressed with all aspects of my interactions from the counter staff to the service department to the mechanic.. great people!!!!!!!!

Author Name
Michael Bouckaert

Helped Us Tie Up

Had to seek dockage here when the lake got too rough. Staff was great and helped us tie up in a professional way as the wind was increasing by the minute. This is one of the "safe refuge harbours" along the Michigan shore, and is man made, so you're never more than 15 miles from a refuge. Facilities are clean and well maintained and the town has good restaurants and stores.

Author Name
Bongo Boy

Phenomenal Customer Service

We normally do not write memos like this but because of their phenomenal customer service, we would not be where we are today! We purchased a Walker Bay inflatable back in 2013 from a dealer in Florida. The last few years we began to experience water leaking into the boat. I looked up Port Sanilac Marina and learned that they were a Walker Bay dealer. So, one day my wife and I stopped in to see if anyone there could help. We met Kassii Michele, Marketing and Sales Manager. She was very attentive to our situation and said she would follow up with the company to see if she could influence them to respond to us regarding what could be done with our leak problem. Kassii is a very determined and persistent individual who repeatedly sent emails to Walker Bay contacts. After a short time, Walker Bay did contact me and put me in touch with a company out of Holland who would look at the boat and determine next steps. Port Sanilac Marina should be very proud to have Kassii on their staff. She is professional in every respect and what is so amazing is that even though we did not purchase the boat through them, she was determined to be sure that as a customer of Walker Bay, that service would be provided to us. Had it not been for Kassii’s sense of urgency, and care for the customer we would likely have been out of luck.

Author Name
Rick & Jan Jankowiak

The Value of an Honest & Impartial Broker

I want to thank you for your professionalism and expertise in our potential purchase of a boat in your brokerage. Although we didn't purchase the boat, we did learn a great deal about the process and why a broker is invaluable in any potential sale. We also learned the value of an honest and impartial broker working with both parties, such as yourself. In the last 4 days I contacted a private seller about interest in his boat and immediately saw all the red flags that quickly terminated any interest in dealing with the gentleman. There was no broker involved, the owner didn't want to deal with or pay for a brokers expertise and legal documentation. No contract would be signed even if I had a broker representing me, this was a cash for title sale. No survey other than our visual inspection of the boat ( the owner had no time for "tire kickers") A deposit of 10% was insufficient, the owner wanted a minimum of 20% down with no refund even if boat failed a cursory inspection. That one conversation has shown me just how important a certified YBAA broker is when looking to purchase a boat. If ever you wish a reference or endorsement, I would be pleased to tell anyone of your professionalism and depth of knowledge. I am very glad to have met with you and had the privilege to work with you.

Author Name
Robert Adamson

Really Liked Our Visit

We really liked our visit and walk around Port Sanilac. The breakwater has some great views of Port Sanilac Lighthouse (Privately owned) and it was fun walking out on the breakwater and getting splashed by choppy waves :)

Author Name
George MP

John is the Guy To See

If you are in the market to purchase a new or used motorboat or sailboat or other watercraft, John at Port Sanilac Marina is the guy to see. The Marina is a fun place to visit too. Uri’s restaurant is fantastic and there is a nice gift shop and ice cream parlor.

Author Name
Diana Habkirk

Very Knowledgable & Willing to Help

I have been going to Port Sanilac Marina for 20 years for all of our boating needs. This includes purchasing our sailboats, boating supplies, and general advice. I have always found the staff to be very knowledgeable and willing to help with any of our needs. Our most recent purchase was a Beneteau Oceanis 45 sailboat, the whole process was wonderful. This is the second summer using the boat and we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience. The sailing has been amazing, the little service we have needed was handled promptly and the advice/support we received from Chester who we purchased the boat from, Sarah who handled the details of the purchase, and Andrew who performed the commissioning work was outstanding. I certainly recommend any of your boating needs be taken to and handled by the Port Sanilac Marina staff.

Author Name
Doug Szopo