I want to thank you for your professionalism and expertise in our potential purchase of a boat in your brokerage. Although we didn’t purchase the boat, we did learn a great deal about the process and why a broker is invaluable in any potential sale. We also learned the value of an honest and impartial broker working with both parties, such as yourself. In the last 4 days I contacted a private seller about interest in his boat and immediately saw all the red flags that quickly terminated any interest in dealing with the gentleman. There was no broker involved, the owner didn’t want to deal with or pay for a brokers expertise and legal documentation. No contract would be signed even if I had a broker representing me, this was a cash for title sale. No survey other than our visual inspection of the boat ( the owner had no time for “tire kickers”) A deposit of 10% was insufficient, the owner wanted a minimum of 20% down with no refund even if boat failed a cursory inspection. That one conversation has shown me just how important a certified YBAA broker is when looking to purchase a boat. If ever you wish a reference or endorsement, I would be pleased to tell anyone of your professionalism and depth of knowledge. I am very glad to have met with you and had the privilege to work with you.